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Determining relatedness between species

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Unfortunately I will be unable to take some classes this week, due to commitments inside and out of the school. During Period 5 on Tuesday I would like you to continue with reading and answering the review questions for Chapter 11. Please make sure you understand all the key terms and definitions for this chapter by studying the Quizlet for this Chapter 11 – Determining relatedness between species. The chapter review questions for Chapter 11 are due by Friday 18th August.

The following two weeks we will be working on Chapter 12 – Human change over time (due Friday 1st September). The Quizlet for Chapter 12 -Human change over time needs to be completed.  We will also start studying for the next SAC (Wednesday 6th September) which is a written report assessing the following outcome:

Outcome 1: Analyse evidence for evolutionary change, explain how relatedness between species is determined, and elaborate on the consequences of biological change in human evolution.

Assessment: A report using primary or secondary data. The assessment task may be written or multi-modal. (approximately 50 minutes or not exceeding 1000 words)

You will be using resources from the Australian Museum – Human Evolution website, including the virtual skulls of various  hominoids (all primates), hominids (great apes) and hominims (humans and their ancestors).