Monthly Archives: November 2017

Step up to 2018

Congratulations on choosing Year 12 Biology for your 2018 studies! During Step-Up week we will be starting an introduction to the course by looking at the following aspects:

  • Course structure – Two Units with five Areas of Study, including a Student Investigation assessed with a Scientific Poster.
  • Schedule – Two weeks per chapter, Chapter Review questions due each fortnight.
  • Resources available – Heinemann Biology 2 textbook, Douchy’s podcasts and Quizlet for review of key terms and definitions. Please sign up to the Hawkesdale Biology class on Quizlet.
  • Another great resource is the Gene Technology Access Centre website. Please register as a student member of the website to gain access to Unit 3 and Unit 4 learning activities that we will use throughout the course.

Our first practical experiment will be investigating osmosis using a de-shelled chicken egg as a model for the cell membrane. Learn more about the structure of cell membranes and how substances move across this membrane here.