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Exam Revision continues!

Read through the following list of concepts and note any that you couldn’t confidently discuss with a parent or friend:

Unit 3: Area of study 1: Bio-macromolecules, Photosynthesis, Respiration and Enzymes

Unit 3: Area of Study 2: Homeostasis, Nervous and Hormonal Systems, Disease and Immunity

Unit 4: Area of Study 1: Heredity, Genes, Chromosomes and Manipulating DNA

Unit 4: Area of Study 2: Populations, Evolution, Hominins and Human Intervention in Evolution

Exam Revision

Welcome back and thanks for your patience while I have been on study leave. There are only two weeks left before the Unit 3/4 Biology exam on Friday 30th October, so you should have already done the following:

  1. Written out a clear and concise set of study notes, outlining the main concepts in each Area of Study.
  2. Completed practice exams (available at the VCAA website) and identified areas where you need to do further revision.
  3. Joined the Elevate Education #elevatebio Video Series at
  4. You may also like to join the site for a five-day free trial and access their Immunology resources.

Some students have mentioned that they are having most difficulty remembering the cells involved and sequence of events of the cell cycle and immunology. These quick videos and other resources may assist with your revision: