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Fireworks celebration

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Well done on completing your mid-year Biology exam. It was a real test of everyone’s knowledge and understanding of Unit 1: Cells and Functioning Organisms. The degree of difficulty is an indication of the Unit 3 and 4 course, so you will need to continue to work hard to do well. Please complete the student survey by clicking on the Survey tab at the top of this page. The purpose of this survey is to assist me to improve my teaching and your learning.

I have given those students who did not sit the GAT a list of words from the end of each chapter in Unit 2. Each student is required to create a worksheet to distribute to the whole class to assist each of us to understand these words. You could use a crossword, word search with definitions, ‘fill-the-gaps’, concept map or flashcards. Try Puzzlemaker, Tools for Educators, Wordsearch Generator or FlashcardsDB.

Chapter 9 – Melissa

Chapter 10 – Stephanie

Chapter 11 – Chloe

Chapter 12 – Monique

Chapter 13 – Tara

Chapter 14 – Emily

Chapter 15 – Charlotte

Chapter 16 – Catherine

Chris and James, your job will be to read Chapter 9 and prepare a unit of work to teach the class. Each pair of students will be required to do this for one chapter. You will still be required to answer all the chapter review questions and this is a good place to start to ensure you have a full understanding of the concepts. Have a great long weekend and see you Tuesday!