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Structure of the Animal cell


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This week we started to look at the structure and function of cells. Make sure you can name and identify the following organelles within cells:

  • Nucleus and nucleous
  • Cell membrane (phosopholipid bilayer)
  • Cytoplasm and cytosol
  • mitochondria
  • ribosomes
  • rough and smooth endolplasmic reticulum
  • golgi body (golgi apparatus)
  • lysosomes
  • vacuoles (small in animal cells, large in plant cells)
  • cell wall (made of cellulose in plant cells)
  • Choroplasts (containing chlorophyll in plant cells).

Animal and Plant cells

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This image clearly shows the three features that differentiate plant cells from animal cells. Plant cells have:

  1. A rigid cell wall, made up of cellulose, a complex carbohydrate molecule.
  2. A large, fluid filled vacuole (animal cells usually have much smaller vacuoles)
  3. Chloroplasts, containing chlorophyll, which give plants their green colour and facilitate the process of photosynthesis.