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Reproduction – Sexual and Asexual

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This week we are looking at reproduction – by the end of this unit you will understand the concepts of sexual and asexual reproduction and describe how reproduction occurs in unicellular and multicellular organisms. You will learn that prokaryotes reproduce by binary fission and that eukaryotes can also reproduce asexually by mitosis, budding, parthenogenesis or vegetative reproduction (runners, rhizomes, tubers, bulbs and cuttings). More about asexual reproduction here. PowerPoint about Asexual Reproduction at SlideShare. Introduction to Reproduction and asexual reproduction at About Biology.

Sexual reproduction occurs in both plants and animals and involves the production of gametes by meiosis. Fertilization (when male and female gametes meet) can be external, as in many marine and freshwater organisms, or internal, as in most terrestrial vertebrates, such as birds, reptiles and mammals.  

Sexual Reproduction in Animals, more about reproduction and more about meiosis at About Biology.

Reproduction in Flowering Plants