2017 Exam revision

Before your final VCE Biology class, we will be revising the following concepts:

  1. Activation energy on biological reactions (How do enzymes work? on YouTube 6.48min)
  2. Neurotransmitters (The brain and how neurotransmission works on YouTube, 1.34min)
  3. Aerobic and anaerobic respiration (CrashCourse Biology 13.26min and Bozeman Science 14.14min)
  4. Photosynthesis (CrashCourse Biology, 13.14min and Bozeman Science 12.26min)
  5. Insulin production (Insulin producing bacteria, 4.07min)
  6. Clonal selection (good video from WEHI here)
  7. Relative and actual radiometric dating (Radiometric dating, 8.56min)

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