Cellular Respiration by Video Conference from GTAC


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Today our Year 12 students had the opportunity to work with Fran and Catherine from the Gene Technology Access Centre to learn more about cellular respiration. They participated in a 90 minute Polycom session using models and interacting with experts to gain insight into how cells respire and how research into this biochemical pathway may lead to the development of treatments for cancer. It is a wonderful opportunity for small, rural and isolated schools to be able to connect with this world-class educational centre, without the expense and inconvenience of long travel times, permission slips, risk-assessment forms and arranging buses or train tickets. On Monday we will participate in another GTAC session: “The Many Colours of Photosynthesis”. Students’ comments included:

“The experiment that was demonstrated was something we couldn’t do at school, so it was good to learn how that was done and analyse the data.” – Kiri

“The slideshow and worksheets were clear and informative, allowing us to understand and visualize the process of respiration”. – Che

“It was all really good, especially knowing what is important for the exam”. – Stephanie

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