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Next Wednesday afternoon you will have the opportunity to demonstrate your understanding of all the work we have covered during first semester. You will have 15 minutes reading time and 90 minutes writing time to answer 20 multiple choice questions and about 8 short answer questions. The following tips may assist you during your revision period:

Use flashcards to study definitions of key terms, vocabulary and concepts – there is an online program called flashcardsdb which can assist.

You may like to try creating mind maps, using lists of related terms to identify the links between different words and concepts.

Re-read your text, taking notes and highlighting key terms in your notes. Create revision notes by taking down the headings of each chapter and adding key words and concepts under each heading.

Visit the assessment guide online for lists of key concepts.

Look after yourself – don’t stay up late, eating junk food and studying all night. Try to get plenty of rest, eat healthy foods and get some fresh air. If your body is functioning at 100%, your brain will be working better too!

Do lots of past exam papers – at least two or three as timed exams under test conditions. Identify concepts you find difficult and spend more time revising those areas.

Read the questions carefully – make sure you understand the key words ‘identify’, ‘describe’, ‘compare’, etc and look out for negatives and exceptions.

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