First week, term 3: Unit 2

Year 11students in Tattersalls Lane, ChinaTown.

As I will be on year 9/10 Rubicon camp during the first week of term 3, you will need to work through Chapter 9 in class. Unit 2 is about “Organisms and their Environment” and Area of Study 1 is concerned with Adaptations of Organisms. First we look at habitats, environment and survival. By the end of this chapter you will:

  • develop a knowledge and understanding of habitats and the environments that exist in them
  • identify major factors that produce the environments of various habitats and distinguish between biotic (living) and abiotic (non-living) factors.
  • give examples of structural adaptations that equip organisms for survival under particular environmental conditions
  • explore technologies used to record environmental factors and track distribution of species within their habitats.

Read through Chapter 9 and make sure you can answer the “Quick Check” questions (no need to write the answers, just answer them quietly to yourselves). Answer the Chapter Review questions on pages 293 to 296. These will be due Friday 24th July (end of second week of term). There are more resources on the Biology wiki at Please register as a member and add any links to resources you find useful on the appropriate page.

If you have any problems, Don may be able to help, or contact me via Twitter (brittgow); email or Facebook.

2 thoughts on “First week, term 3: Unit 2

  1. Mr. Barlow

    After spending the last half hour clicking link, after link, after link, to see all the sites you have created, I just had to say … what an impressive array of online teaching resources you have generated. Your students are very lucky!

  2. brittgow Post author

    Hi Mr Barlow,
    Thanks for your comment on my blog. I hope you don’t mind if I add your blog as a link on my blogroll, under “Science teachers”. Your site is one that I would like to return to often, as you have many interesting science posts here. Keep up the great work!
    We are on two weeks school holidays here, so I have a lot more time to browse other people’s work and plan for the semester ahead. Perhaps you have a collaborative project in mind? I am planning units on the solar system, forces and biological control.
    Thanks again for making contact,
    Britt Gow

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