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Transport in Animals

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This week we start to look at the circulatory, respiratory and excretory systems of animals and the xylem and phloem cells in plants. We know now how different organisms obtain their nutrients, now we need to know how nutrients and oxygen get to every cell in the body and how wastes are removed from it.

Great animation about how the heart works here. Video of heart and circulatory system here.

Human Anatomy Online – interactive diagrams of all the systems, including nervous, skeletal and reproductive. KLB Science Interactivities have produced a clever quiz on the heart and circulatory system. More great Human Body stuff from National Geographic here. Virtual microscope images of the circulatory system from the Indiana University Bloomington.

Image Source - Note the five different types of white blood cells.

Components of blood

Virtual microscope slide of blood

Virtual microscope images of arteries, veins and capillaries showing tissue types.


Don’t get confused between cellular respiration and breathing! Cellular respiration is the process that converts glucose and oxygen to energy within the cells. Oxygen is supplied to those cells by the red blood cells, which carry oxyhaemoglobin to cells and remove carbon dioxide from cells. The respiratory system includes the lungs, trachea, bronchioles and alveoli, which carry air into and out of the body.

Respiration – University of Melbourne animation of lung structure showing alveoli.

Habits of the Heart – Lung Structure from the Science Museum of Minnesota.

Video of the Respiratory System

Human Anatomy Animations of the respiratory and circulatory sytems from Bioanime. This site includes animations of all the human tissue types, including the different types of white blood cells.



  • Chloe

    i looked at the links of the animations of the heart. They helped to understand how it works. i also looked at some of the plant xylem and phloem links. i didnt really understand how they worked but after reading the links i learnt that phloem is living and caries nutrients for the plant and xylem is dead cells that tansport water from the roots to the rest of the plant.
    thanks Mrs. gow

  • Juli Jose

    hai, my name is Juli. I am a university of manchester student. i would like to use image this will only be used as a lerning resourse for a small group of students within the university. So can I? please use this image?
    thankl you

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